WeSolve: Introducing the first student Think Tank


60 students, 5 thematic, several problems and realistic solutions were housed in the main campus of the Metropolitan College, in the heart of Athens, on Saturday, March 7, highlighting the value of public debate. The reason for the newly established Think Tank "WeSolve", which is a product of the creation of students of the Law School of Athens. Based on this project, the encouragement of open dialogue and public discussion on issues of politics, research, education and other actions related to these issues and on the occasion of the "Uniform" campaign, solutions were found regarding the problems plaguing the public university. by students of law, economics and political science.
In more detail, the 5 topics that were analyzed and discussed in order to find solutions for the smooth operation of the Greek University were the following:

1. Dining, Accommodation and Educational Perspectives,

2. Connection with the Labor Market,

3. Environment and University Safety,

4. Disabled and University Accessibility,

5. University Volunteering and Extroversion.

Problems and solutions

In the 1st group, that of "Dining, Accommodation and Educational Perspectives", the students, after introducing themselves to each other, identified the main problems of their category, emphasizing that "we want to take matters into our own hands and not let others decide for us, we must to take advantage of the spaces that are not exploited ", with one of them interrupting the flow of the discussion to emphasize that" the information from the competent bodies is insufficient and they do not care to inform us about anything ". Regarding the issue of information, the students proposed "the organization and holding of information events that will be addressed mainly to new entrants but also to older students", in order to properly prepare them for their academic course, while at the same time they suggested the use of already existing spaces for their promotion in places of rest, recreation, spiritual and artistic expression ".

In this 2nd group of the "Connection with the Labor Market", the students, after a discussion, highlighted the big problem regarding the internship, stating that "we need more information about the internship. Many of us don't know where to turn, "he said, adding that" the school should make sure we get in touch with companies and offices and not close the door on our progress. " As a solution to this issue, they proposed the "creation of a platform in which students and companies will be registered - law firms - NPDD-NGO, with the aim of finding an internship (either undergraduate or 18 months)". As they characteristically stated, "the only way to achieve the above solution is to" Bring the institutions closer, Create a platform / website with a search engine and categorize the offered practices per industry ". At the same wavelength, the students seemed positive about the "partnership with other youth / student organizations (eg ELSA, SAFIA, PAPEI Stock Exchange Group)", while they seemed to support the effort of the new WESOLVE project which in the future will be able to offer organizational assistance and to display academic events (eg ELSA event for resume writing.

The main problem is that "there is no security outside the school and many of us are afraid" began the discussion of the 3rd group and more specifically of the "Environment and University Safety". Contradictions rekindled with a student asking if "there really is a problem or we are exaggerating and trying to create something without it" with the group's coordinator intervening, saying "most of us have found no security and we are not exaggerating." Bringing an example from a meeting, he stressed that "in our school, if someone disagrees with those who have the upper hand, there is psychological and verbal violence on their part. The goal is to be "one" and find a solution to our security. " In addition, the team identified another major problem with cleanliness and the lack of basic sanitation. In particular, the solutions proposed in the cleaning sector were "the conclusion of indefinite-term contracts for the element of permanence or alternatively long-term renewal of existing fixed-term contracts for cleaning staff". In the field of recycling, the establishment of an Office / Secretariat for Environmental Management (with the assistance of school teachers) has been proposed as a solution, where it already exists at PMak and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and environmental issues are addressed in detail. For the major issue of student safety, the solutions given after a thorough discussion were "private guarding of the premises, especially at night, by hiring people in new jobs controlled by the University's legal entity."

Project UniForm Open Discussion. Caption: “First student Think Tank in Athens”

Determined to dispel social inequalities and by sending out loud messages of symbolism, the 4th group met on the issue of "Disabled and University Accessibility". There were some very serious issues in the discussion that need to be addressed immediately. "I am very disappointed by the situation and more by the misinformation that exists at the university, but also by the apathy of some professors," complained one of the students who is disabled. Added to the problems was the transfer of students with disabilities to and from the university and their access to it within the school and the amphitheaters, while the solutions proposed were:

1. The registration of students with disabilities in a list.

2. The recruitment of specialized escorts (Nursing, Occupational Therapy graduates) with ASEP competitions for the escort of students with disabilities during the day and for physical needs.

3. The service from home to school and vice versa.

4. The provision of a personal key to each disabled student for exclusive access to the disabled toilets.

5. The use of the school's website to inform both students and teachers and to promote the requests of the disabled through the WeSolve team.

At the same time, a request must be made to the Dean's Office for regular maintenance of the elevators. Another very important solution that must be taken into account is "the Dean's Office to provide books in electronic form for students with disabilities, but also to create a communication platform for students with disabilities with a psychologist or a student of psychology (anonymous)".

In this 5th group of "Volunteering and Extroversion of the University" the problems presented were the "zero information of students by the institutions" with the students commenting on the Greek University as "impersonal". For all the above, it was argued that it is necessary: ​​The establishment of a voluntary group N.O.P.E. for the field of information and student support, for the field of environment in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, for the field of culture, so that students come in contact with theatrical groups of the University of Athens and for theatrical performances within the University. Then, regarding the field of extroversion and communication, it was deemed necessary to cooperate and contact with universities abroad and at home to provide information on their voluntary actions.


Vasilia Stefanoglou

Vangelis Pappas

George Tsigos