WeSolve: The Importance of Teamwork


The difficulties that any student will encounter in the first years after school graduation is a given. Feelings of satisfaction, joy and pride they often alternate with those of hesitation, of frustration about something better waiting for the fear of the future. But it may be the biggest challenge in these years. Dealing with the problems he encounters, perseverance to resolve them, the action initiative.

Working Together. Caption: “The importance of teamwork”

WeSolve, a group of students, embodies just that perception. It also locates proposes specific solutions to issues concerning the Greek university, the nucleus of life and actions of young people. Encourages open dialogue on issues research, politics and education with the aim of transforming theory into practice and his suggestions not to be an "empty letter", without meaning and content. This was also shown by the first two events of WeSolve, framed by students with different interests and expectations but with a common vitality, the freshness and passion for activity. It has become the strength we all have when we work as a team, when we think together and especially when we are working to improve, in the metro that belongs to us and we can, the bad texts of our academic life. A force hidden behind inaction, him complacency, and perhaps the fear of taking initiatives and responsibilities. The WeSolve has now started. Expectations are high, problems remain, but students they insist. If we all embrace this effort together, something will definitely change, no not only in the university we attend but also in ourselves.